The Dutchies

Hitchhikers from Amsterdam (01/07)

If winning is the dream, DUTCHIES is your team!


25y, wien


25y, Utrecht


What are your personal assets in your team?

Mathea:They call me: crazy Dutch person. Highly competitive I will beat all the obstacles in our way! Sky is the limit!

Robin:I am fierce and love adventure. I am just the right amound of crazy.

And your weaknesses?

Mathea:Can't function before breakfast, VW vans, vodka, pizza, I easily puke when someone has more body odor than Parfum

Robin:Definitely puppies. And wodka.

By whom would you want to be picked up?

Mathea:Volkswagen vans, people who love to listen to RHCP, people with epic socks on, someone with a hat on

Robin:crazy old lady in a fast car, or the cast of magic mike.

What would be the destinations of your world trip if you win?

Mathea:Peru, Chili, India, Iceland, Portugal,

Robin:Suriname and other places in South America


Challenge #1
10 min. [?]

Challenge #2
40 min. [?]

Challenge #3
10 min. [?]

Challenge #4
40 min. [?]

Challenge #5
30 min. [?]


  • 02/07: 08:04 (29th)
  • 03/07: 06:30 (26th)
  • 04/07: 05:53 (12th)
  • 05/07: 03:56 (1st)
  • 06/07: 03:21 (13th)

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